Inhabiting the Cultural Imaginary Symposium (VSMM 2007)

Key themes

  • Immersive Visualization
  • Distributed Interfaces
  • Theories of Interactive Narrative
  • Digital Cultures and Heritage
  • Technologies and Tools


  1. Professor Jeffrey Shaw (ARC Federation Fellow, Director, iCinema Centre, UNSW) & Ms Sarah Kenderdine (Special Projects, Museum Victoria)

Keynote speakers

  1. Prof. Lev Manovich, Prof. Sean Cubitt, Prof. Andrew Benjamin

iCinema Directors

  1. Prof. Jeffrey Shaw, Prof. Dennis Del Favero, Prof. Neil Brown


  1. This symposium focuses attention on new virtual heritage and electronic art research applied to the Advanced Visualisation Interactive Environment (AVIE), at the iCinema Centre for Interactive Cinema Research, University of New South Wales. Internationally acclaimed theorists and practitioners will demonstrate the unprecedented advances in immersive and narrative exchange between human & place, human & machine agent, human & human that such a virtual platform—its operating infrastructure and software—allows for. The concentration of experience brought together in this symposium will allow robust theoretical and technical proficiencies in applied virtual heritage and media art to emerge.

There is an internationally acknowledged deficit of large-scale, multi-participant, sophisticated immersive platforms currently available for virtual heritage applications, and this seminar addresses some of the groundbreaking research taking place at iCinema in conjunction with its research partners Museum Victoria (Melbourne), EMPAC (Troy, New York), MRL (Nottingham) and ZKM (Karlsruhe).

Following an intensive series of seminars over five hours participants will have opportunity to engage with several large scale works in production for AVIE including Place-Hampi: augmented stereographic panoramas of the Vijayanagara (Museum Victoria & iCinema), T-Visionarium (iCinema). In addition participants will be introduced to the key technologies that support these applications.

The symposium will be followed by a cocktail party at the venue. Morning and Afternoon tea provided during the symposium however delegates will take lunch independently.

The Inhabiting the Cultural Imaginary Symposium is part of the VSMM 07 Conference


  1. Scientia, The iCinema Centre for Interactive Cinema Research
  2. Kensington Campus, University of New South Wales, Anzac Parade
  3. Kensington, Sydney


  1. 1 day symposium in association with VSMM 2007
  2. Friday 21st September, 2007