iCinema Digital Media Seminar Series

The goal of this series is to present papers from leading international and local scholars, along with UNSW postgraduate and postdoctoral researchers, to address issues of relevance to the converging fields of digital media and cinema. The series has as its broad focus the issue of contemporaneity. It is particularly interested in investigating what it means to be living in the world today and how the digital is being deployed and can be used to embody and imagine new ways of living and what the limits of this new imaginary are.

The series is multi-disciplinary, framing itself across the three Faculty partners of the iCinema Research Centre, the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, the College of Fine Arts and the Faculty of Engineering. It invites presentations from researchers in the fields of new media, art theory, cinema studies, cultural studies, psychology, philosophy, computer science, cognitive science and virtual reality. It is proposed that the papers will be collected, edited and then published in the Interactive Cinema Series.

The series is held monthly on Wednesday evenings at 6pm

  1. Room 327
  2. Level 3, Robert Webster Building
  3. University of New South Wales, Anzac Parade, Kensington

Program for 2008

  1. Professor Julian Murphet (UNSW) March 26
  2. Professor Andrew Benjamin (Monash) April 30

Program for 2007

  1. Professor Anne-Marie Duguet (iCinema/University of Paris 1) May 30
  2. Professor Terry Smith August 22
  3. Professor Sean Cubitt (University of Melbourne) October 24
  4. Professor Lev Manovich (iCinema/University of California) November 21

Series conveners

  1. James Donald, Dennis Del Favero, Greg Dolgopolov and Andrew Murphie.