Nebula I - IV


Artistic Directors: Dennis Del Favero with Stephen Sewell, Elwira Titan and Peter Weibel
Australian Research Council Investigators: Dennis Del Favero, Jill Bennett, Neil Brown, Jeffrey Shaw, Peter Weibel, Ursula Frohne, Johnny Chan

Nebula created for the AVIE platform conceived by Jeffrey Shaw and developed with iCinema Centre researchers led by Dennis Del Favero

Programmers: Som Guan, Volker Kuchelmeister, Rob Lawther, Alex Ong
Audio Engineers: Reuben Chapman, Som Guan, Rob Lawther, Alex Ong
Composer: Kate Moore
Voice-Over: Sacha Horler
Project Manager: Jessica Dawkins

Supported by UNSW Art & Design UNSW Engineering

An experimental project supported under the Australian Research Council’s Discovery Grant scheme

Presented courtesy of William Wright Artists Projects and Galerie Brigitte Schenk Cologne