Project Overview

Project Investigators: Wolfgang Tschapeller, Dennis Del Favero, Michael Thielscher, Ursual Frohne, Krassimira Kruschkova, Franz Pomassi, Esther Balfe, Michael Wimmer
Project Title: Intra-space: The Aesthetic Reformulation of Architectural Space
Project Funding: Austrian Research Foundation

INTRA-SPACE at Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna (Austria), 2017

INTRA-SPACE explores how interactions between,across and beyond humans and nonhumans can be experimentally embodied, aesthetically reformulated and theoretically challenged in their spatial, temporal and transversally entangled spheres. The project examines the hypothesis and potentials of INTRA-SPACE, a spatial transposition of the theoretical concept of “intra-action” introduced by philosopher, theoretical physicist and feminist scholar Karen Barad. INTRA-SPACE produces a transformative, differential and resilient space of emergence where apparatus, human bodies and digitally constructed figures become diaphanous to each other. A sensorium for embodied experiences, where architectural processes coincide with bodies of the apparatus, the virtual, the engineers, the visitors, the machines and cameras – bodies are constantly updating sites of construction. The experimental framework critically looks at the potentials of both, the digital and the human, to mutually enhance their functionality, their exposure in artificial and real spaces, their social interaction and self-perception. It offers a technical and conceptual infrastructure, a transformative disposition for equal encounters between digital, machinist and human sensoria.The resulting differentiated perspective, spanning from a single point of touch to a sensory space, negotiates the body in motion as immediate perceptive entity in relation to its surroundings.

INTRA-SPACE was funded under the Austrian Research Council’s PEEK (FWF – Programm zur Entwicklung und Erschließung der Künste).


  • INTRA-SPACE 2, ImPulsTanz, International Dance Festival, Vienna (Austria), 2017.
  • INTRA-SPACE 2, Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna (Austria), 2017.
  • INTRA-SPACE 1, Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna (Austria), 2016.

INTRA-SPACE at Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna (Austria), 2017