Conversations@the Studio


  1. Directors: Jeffrey Shaw, Andy Arthurs, Neil Brown, Grace Cochrane, Dennis Del Favero, Volker Kuchelmeister, Scott McQuire, Nikos Papastergiadis, Sarah Kenderdine, Kevin Sumption
  2. Glass Artists: Alexandra Chambers, Benjamin Edols, Kathy Elliott, Tom Rowney
  3. Production and Technical Co-Ordinator: Volker Kuchelmeister
  4. Lead Software Engineer: Joachim Tesch
  5. Production Manager: Damian Leonard
  6. Project Manager: Kate Dennis
  7. Human Interface Designers: Volker Kuchelmeister, Jeffrey Shaw
  8. Camera Operator: Greg Ferris
  9. Lighting Designer: Max Harrison
  10. Production Assistant: Sue Midgley
  11. Spherical Video, Close-ups and Voice Commentaries: Volker Kuchelmeister
  12. Sound Field Design: Andy Arthurs


This project has been funded by the Commonwealth Government through the Australian Research Council’s research funding body and the Australia Council’s arts funding and advisory body.

The project has been co-produced by the UNSW iCinema Centre for Interactive Cinema Research, The University of Melbourne, Queensland University of Technology and the Powerhouse Museum, Sydney.

  1. The producers wish to thank the following for their generous support in the realization of the project:
  2. Paul Bourke
  3. Edols & Elliott Glass Studio
  4. NoseCone Australia P.L
  5. Videocraft Equipment Pty Ltd
  6. Xenon Systems Pty Ltd
  7. Sound on Stage Pty Ltd
  8. Brendan Lloyd
  9. Powerhouse Museum Staff
  10. Integral Event Management

Funded by:
Australian Research Council Linkage Project: Reformulating museological narrative using three models of cinematic interactivity.