AVIE Axonometric View

AVIE: Axonometric View


    1. Screen Structure: 360-degrees, scalable 3.5m–4m height
    2. Screen Diameter: Scalable 7.5m–10m
    3. Screen Height: Scalable 3m–3.5m
    4. Space Requirement without Projector Truss: 10.4m x 10.5m
    5. Space Requirement with Projector Truss: 11m x 12.5m
    6. Ceiling Height without Projector Truss Mount: 4.6m (Vibration risk if direct ceiling mount)
    7. Ceiling Height with Projector Mount: 5.3m
    8. Server Space: 2.5m x 3m for 2 computer stations and server racks


    1. Computing Software: Unity 3D Cluster
    2. Projection system: 6 x Barco F35 projectors
    3. Sound system: 5.1 channel sound receiver and speakers
    4. User Interfaces: Tablet, Omnitrack full body motion capture