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FX Artist: iCinema Centre for Interactive Cinema Research


Faculty/Division: Arts, Design and Architecture
Original document creation: 08/03/2022

Position Summary

This is a flexible Freelance Position up to three days a week for 12-24 months.

The iCinema Centre for Interactive Cinema Research is an interdisciplinary research centre that undertakes digital media projects across the UNSW Faculties of Arts, Architecture & Design, Australian Defence Force Academy, Engineering and Science. A principal focus of the Centre lies in the experimental application of its 3D 360 degree cinema, the Advanced Visualisation and Interaction Environment (AVIE). AVIE is an 8K state-of-the-art virtual reality theatre, composed of a 10-meter wide by 4-meter high cylindrical screen, with 3D projectors, a 24-channel surround sound system, a multi-camera motion tracking system and a cluster of high-end PCs. Designed to envelop groups of up to 30 people in 360-degree real-time AI scenarios, the AVIE allows for the development and study of applications in the fields of immersive visualisation, augmented /virtual reality, interactive cinema and interaction/user experience design.

AVIE project overview

The FX Artist will work on iCinema’s five year Federal Government funded iFire Project. iFire connects globally located researchers and 3D systems in the world’s first Artificially Intelligent (AI) immersive environment able to visualise the unpredictable behaviour of wildfires. By generating unforeseen wildfire landscapes, the project challenges users to better understand and address the distributed nature of wildfire dynamics in an ever evolving virtual environment.

iFire project overview


Specific tasks for this role include:
• Design pipeline for adjustable / realistic particle effects for wildfires
• Create modular system for enabling artists to adjust parameters for the wildfires
• Make effects change based on real-time variables (e.g. wind direction).
• Liaising with Unity3d Developers regarding import of effects.

Skills and Experience

• Preferred: knowledge and experience using Unity Shader Graph, Unity VFX Graph.
• Required: experience producing effects such as fire and smoke.
• Required: A good understanding of the entire visual effects process.
• An understanding of and commitment to UNSW’s aims, objectives and values in action, together with relevant policies and guidelines.
• Knowledge of health and safety responsibilities and commitment to attending relevant health and safety training


Please send a copy of your resume to:
Laureate Professor Dennis Del Favero, Executive Director of iCinema

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