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Scientia Professor Del Favero

Executive Director:


  • Prof Claude Sammut: Head, Autonomous Systems Research Group, School of Computer Science & Engineering, UNSW Engineering
  • Prof Steven Sherwood: ARC Laureate Fellow | Director, Climate Change Research Centre, UNSW Science
  • Dr Caroline Wake, Senior Lecturer, UNSW Faculty of Arts and Social Science

Centre Fellows

Professorial Fellows:

  • A/Prof Tomasz Bednarz
  • Emeritus Prof Neil Brown
  • Prof Maurice Pagnucco
  • Prof Michael Scott-Mitchell

Adjunct Professors:

  • Kip Williams: Artistic Director, Sydney Theatre Company
  • Arul Baskaran: Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences
  • Matthew Connell: Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences

Visiting Professorial Research Fellows:

  • Prof Malvina Borgherini: IUAV, University of Venice
  • Prof George Legrady: University of California, Santa Barbara
  • Prof Wolfgang Tschapeller: Director, Institute for Art and Architecture, Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna
  • Prof Peter Weibel: CEO, ZKM Centre for Art and Media, Karlsruhe

Visiting Professors:

  • Prof Stephanie Hemelryk Donald, Lincoln University

Visiting Research Fellows:

  • Dr Timothy Barker: Lecturer, Digital Media, University of Glasgow, Scotland
  • Robin Chow, Lead Software Architect,Trazepp
  • Ardrian Hardjono, Founder, FollowApp Care
  • Dr Stephen Sewell: Head, Writing for Performance, NIDA

Academic Research Fellows:

  • Dr Mohammad Obaid

Post-Doctoral Fellows:

Centre Steering Committee

Deans: UNSW

  • Prof Susan Dodds (Arts & Social Science)
  • Prof Ross Harley (Chair) (Art & Design)
  • Prof Mark Hoffman (Engineering)
  • Prof Emma Johnston (Science)
  • Lynn Greenwood (Faculty Manager, Art & Design)

Centre Staff

Technical Systems Architect: Alex Ong

Immersive Systems Engineer: John Chaoran Zhang


AVIE-SC Lab (EPICentre)

Director: Prof Dennis Del Favero

Immersive Systems Lab

Technical Director: Alex Ong

Intelligent Environments Lab

Director: Prof Claude Sammut

Ultra-High Resolution Scanning Lab

Director: Prof Dennis Del Favero

Centre Commercial Arm

Immersive Realisation Pty Ltd: Damian Leonard (Director)